Get users to use it all the time and upgrade to More Tools and pay.

srini 8 years ago

Planet of the Apps

  • I might meet a VC and get them to believe in me.
  • I might meet a big brand and get them to sponsor me somehow.
  • I might get Apple's help in building an entire Instagram feed type thing in it.
  • If I could have a team of coders at Apple, I could work miracles.
  • Apple could acqui-hire me and have me improve this into something that goes on every single iPhone.
  • Apple could create and own a backend that even beats Facebook as a social network if you built around me.
  • Apple could help me build VOXBOOK.We'd jjust have to buy the domain name and then this would control into it.
srini 8 years ago

Kids will upgrade to get HQ!

This is my model, right? To get folks to upgrade... and HQ is the key to taping music as far as the kids are concerned.

srini 8 years ago

My logo is awesome.

I need my logo to be everywhere.

srini 8 years ago


  • I need the music industry to be on board with this.
  • Spreading these videos on Facebook is how artists will go viral because kids will post their audios to Timeline.
  • They need to get their artists to promote me.
  • They need to know that I"m on their side, totally, with respect to their ability to sell more songs and get more artists to be raised to the cultural awareness.
  • Basically, I value music. I want music to beat all other forms of content on FB while still selling on iTunes or whatever.
  • I want artists to make money.
  • Look, kids are going to use this. Are you going to fight it or are you going to work with me?
srini 8 years ago

here is the ASD

How many ideas do you have? Let's have some fun by sharing them. Let's make Facebook come alive with voice. We could change the way we express ourselves with the power of our voices.

Today, we seem to have so many ways of self-expression that are all about typing. Typing is getting boring. Are you ready to try something new that could bring out what is best in you?

srini 8 years ago


  • It's Thursday
  • Faraj says the app asking for itunes store is normal
  • I am recording about hackers for CoDC
  • This lady is so boring though
  • I feel a lot of angst because I know doejo might have called me up for money and it isn't viral yet.
  • I feel scared about putting up a version to the store that may cause bugging on the IAP stuff
  • It's so beautiful though, so after this taping and some coffee
srini 8 years ago