Every year millions of dollars get wasted because of food contamination and spoilage. Oxygen is an important element for growth as well as preservation of food. More the concentration of oxygen more healthy and vigorous will be the growth. Concentration of oxygen also protects food from health risks such as pathogens, chemical residues and viruses. Supplemental Aeration is one of the most effective part of process of saving, cleaning and protecting food from pathogens, viruses and harmful chemicals without harming its shell and natural tastes. For efficient and complete use of food enhanced and modern methods of improving food preservation and food security are needed.

FOOD SANITISING Food contamination is one of the hottest topic going around the world. Pathogens are major causes of contamination of food and causing serious illness and even death in some of cases of consuming contaminated food. Frozen vegetables are most prone to pathogens causing a serious problem for processors all around the globe. The most effective method for eliminating pathogens without harming the shelf life is via ozone and oxygen aeration. This could be done by nanobubbles of oxygen and ozone those help in removing pathogens and destroy organics from the surface of food. Supplemental Aeration https://moleaer.com/project/aerobic-sludge-digestion helps in achieving desired results with preserving natural taste and quality of food.

PRODUCE CLEANING AND PRESERVATION Supplemental Aeration can also be used for food cleaning and preservation. It can be used in form of trillions of oxygen filled nanobubbles can be used to replace the chemicals to clear harmful contaminants from food. It is the most effective solution to be followed for removing particulates from the surface of food produced. Supplemental Aeration can be done in the form of nanobubbles filled with oxygen or nitrogen (as per the need) which are suspended in watery solution which serves a medium of removing harmful particulates from the surface of food.

PESTICIDE REMOVAL Supplemental Aeration, additional amount of oxygen is injected into the water which is further used for washing the food. Both and ozone and oxygen filled nanobubbles are added to the washing tanks which help in generating hydroxyl radicals. It is found to be most effective way of breaking down buoyant organic compounds present on the surface of food produced. Phenols are found most commonly in pesticides and herbicides leftovers in food which can easily removed with supplement aeration.

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