Visiting the top 2 local boutiques at Kuala Lumpur by bus

The best local boutiques in Kuala Lumpur range from some of the best trendy shops to cheap vintage stores. These boutiques have something for everyone and is sure to please you whether you are looking for something trendy or something quite old your purchases here will surely make you happy on your way back home. Along the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur’s shopping scene, there are plenty of major shopping malls housing some of the major international brands along with some of the local brands. I recommend you to try out the local brands here and do away with your international tried and trusted brands. The clothes that are being sold in the local shops here are quite unconventional and have not been discovered yet.

Malaysia has one of the best bus transportation systems in the world precisely why the locals themselves leave their cars at home and prefer to travel by bus. The bus operators here are not only punctual about their timings but also provide the best services. The bus transit system ensures that you have point-to-point connectivity to the most important landmarks in Malaysia. Most buses arrive at an interval of 15 minutes and have tracking systems so that you can leave your hotel for the bus stop at the right time! The bus fares in Malaysia are some of the lowest in the world but there is absolutely no compromise on quality of service. You can book your bus tickets from https://www.redbus.my/buses/kuala-lumpur-bus-tickets at discounted rates. It is a completely hassle free procedure and you can pay online too! Book your tickets and zip past the city at unbelievable prices.

F Block

It was officially open to the people in the year 2007 and is one of the most visited local boutiques of Malaysia. It offers a vast trendy collectioon that has been priced reasonably and is of good quality. The collection features bold and bright clothes and accessories. It is updated for every season and has new arrivals almost every 10 days. Apart from garments, the store also houses shoes and jewellery in sync with the current runway style. The ambience of the store makes you feel quite comfortable while shopping and has several places for you to sit if you are tired of walking around the endless shelves. Price start at RM20 and go up to RM400. You can board a shuttle bus from the KL Central Bus station that will drop you off just 2 minutes away from the F Block Store.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes,

Located in Jalan Telawi as the name suggests the store specialises in footwear but mostly women’s footwear. The store is a big name in the local fashion scene and its handbags have made way to their international stores throughout the world. Its offerings in terms of footwear are quite refreshing and has its deep roots in the local culture. The reasonable prices will attract people from all spheres of the society. The store has an Indie theme and the collection is suitable for the urban office woman. You can board the KTB Operators Bus in Malaysia that will drop you off the doorstep of this outlet. This will keep you at bay from the costly Cabs.

MathiasKim 7 years ago